Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Server Role Calculator 6.6


Exchange Team tarafından Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Server Role Calculator 6.6 yayınlandı.Aşağıdaki link üzerinden download edebilirsiniz.

Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator v6.6

Başlıca yapılan iyileştirmeler aşağıdaki gibidir:

Version 6.6
  • Fixed circular logic issue with initial mailbox size calculation
Version 6.5
  • New Functionality – The calculator now includes mailbox space modeling graphs that extrapolates (for each mailbox tier) the projected amount of time it will take to consume the mailbox quota.
  • Fixed “Number of Exchange Data Volumes per Server” to support more than 50 volumes.
  • Optimized memory sizing for FAST which reduces memory requirements for small mailbox server designs.
  • Added the ability to specify multiple AutoReseed volumes per DAG server to calculator and scripts.
  • Fixed 3 database/volume layout scenario involving 100 copies/server.
  • Fixed rounding error in calculating number of databases/volume in “2 Volumes / Backup Set”
  • Log isolation is now a calculated property to align with best practices guidance.
  • Changed “Disk” to “Vol” in left column of Distribution tab to align with scenarios that do not involve JBOD configurations.
  • Added additional processor core options.
  • Fixed JBOD storage design results table to accurately account for Restore Disk capacity being set to “–” and for differences between PDC and SDC Restore Disk capacity settings.
  • Fixed Backup Requirements worksheet to expose Weekly Full backups correctly.
  • Various comment changes/corrections.


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